Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lessons from Bill Gates talk in Mumbai

I heard Bill Gates in Mumbai last weekend.  It was connected to giving and philanthropy.  He made some interesting remarks from which there was much to learn.

1.  When asked about the use of his funds in perpetuity, he said that Melinda and he would like to spend the funds in their lifetime. They wanted to see that money being used for maximum benefit, for the causes they thought were important to serve.  In response to what about 'future funding', he said that he hoped that in the future too, there would be other donors that would set aside money for noble causes, and they were not the only donors.

2.  On how he would like to be remembered?  He said they wanted to cure those kinds of diseases, which after their cure, people would not remember that the disease even existed. So, how would you remember a person who funded the cure of a disease, if you forgot even about the disease.  Or sanitation, either you have toilets or you don't.  After you have them, the new generation does not remember what life was like without it.

3.  On what he would he behind for his family?  He said, he wanted his children's feeling of self worth come more from what they earned themselves, than from what he left them in inheritance.

Amazing thoughts.
Much to learn, and much to imbibe.