Saturday, 30 August 2014

On big learnings from small things

Just last Saturday, we were in Dahanu, at our school that we manage there.  There are about 700 children studying there, with about 450 in the student hostel.  Most of the children come from the Varli community.  What was great to see, that the some students were serving all the others.  They took turns in serving their friends.

I joined them for dinner.  

When food was placed in my plate, I asked Pooja, one of the students, whether she was going to start eating.  She mentioned, that only when all the students were served, and they said the prayer together, they would start.

That was so wonderful.  In our daily hurry, we sometimes forget these wonderful and simple habits, that inculcate a consideration for others, and a sense of community.

At the end of dinner, they cleaned their own plates.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Two of our School and Junior College Teachers spend 6 weeks doing world class research at Cornell

Two of our teachers, Beena Vazhapilly (K. J. Somaiya Junior College of Science and Commerce) and Vaishali Salunke 
(Shri Sharda English Medium School - Kopargaon) spent 6 weeks at Cornell University, learning about 
Science education, along with teachers from the USA, and working with Cornell Scientists doing some 
hands on, world class research.  They have just returned from Cornell, and have had life changing 
experiences.  I am hoping, that this experience will make them think deeply on how to transform our 
Science education, and also on how to encourage students to think 
of Science.

This visit was happened with the support and encouragement of Julie Nucci and Paulette Clancy, 
faculty at Cornell.  In February this past year, we had visits from Cornell researchers, and High School 
Science teachers from upstate New York.  We hope that we can continue this program next year as well.