Sunday, 14 September 2014

Banking for those who are not served

Last month, when in Dahanu, we were celebrating the opening of our new school building, and the success of our Jasmine growing programmes in the villages of Divshi and Ghadchinchla.  This Jasmine programme started when our young hostel students, who wanted their mothers to stay at home instead of leaving to earn daily wages, asked Patricia Gokhale, if she could think of something. The Jasmine is what she started.  THe villagers harvest about 2 kg per day.  At about Rs. 100 per kg, each home is earning a supplementary income of Rs 200 per day.  And over 300 mothers stayed at home, with their families.

They have had little or no exposure to formal banking.  And the bank that they did go to, was a few km away.  

I spoke to Vishvaveer Ahuja, of Head of RBL bank, and we are delighted that he has brought doorstep banking to these villages.  The bankers go to the villagers, with handheld devices, and the bankin has started.

The neighboring villages are keen to know how this happened, and also desire to start banking