Sunday, 20 April 2014

Rotary helps us start a new and modern blood bank

Yesterday, we inaugurated a new and modern blood bank at the K. J. Somaiya Hospital, Somaiya Ayurvihar.  The Rotary Club of Mumbai Queen's Necklace gave us all the financial assistance to buy the equipment necessary.  We are grateful to Sanjiv Mehta the President of the club, the Om Kher Charitable Trust, other members of the same club and other Rotary clubs or their support.

We hope that this facility will be a much needed service to the people of the city and beyond.  In keeping with our tradition, the service will be available to those who cannot afford at very reasonable costs.  

I was reminded of my grandfather, who had said, that if the work is worth doing, then go ahead and do it, the means will follow.  Even then, it is difficult to take that leap of faith.  When Sanjiv Mehta came forward, and said that his club would lend full support, I remembered my grandfather's promise.  If you find purpose, means do follow.  

Sanjiv Mehta echoed the same thoughts in his speech, when he mentioned that similarly,his members came forward to lend support to him, as he built on the vision of his past Presidents.  

Lata Subraidu, the District Governor also spoke beautifully.  

Sendurai Mani, Co Director of the Metastasis Research Centre of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas Spoke on the public health causes of cancer, and what measures we could take to prevent the same.  

Sanjiv Mehta was the first blood donor.  Followed by Anita Shantaram, and later by Sendurai Mani.  What a way to inaugurate the blood bank.

Dr. Niyogi, our Dean of the medical college echoed the service mission of Ye institution. My grandfather always quoted न मानुषात् परो धर्म  - no religion other than service to mankind.

Thank you all.