Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nipun Mehta and servicespace

Heard Nipun Mehta of http://www.servicespace.org/ speak on cultivating a habit of generosity at the Indian Merchants Chamber, earlier this February, at a lecture organized by Pradeepbhai Shah in the honour of Amita Momaya.  

Nipun asked a simple question, whether any of us had ever been offered food by someone who had to borrow it, to make that offer of hospitality? And if so, what effect did that have on us?

I had been offered food, bananas in rural Karnataka, by a family, and they had borrowed them to provide me that hospitality.  अतिथि देवो भव 

I was shocked, that someone who had little, had in fact, a lot more than what I had.  So much more to give....

We started http://www.helpachild.in/ soon after that.

And that is still nothing, since we give only a small part of what we have, whereas they borrowed to give..